Group Information

Natural Bridge Zoo

For Group Information please keep reading. The Natural Bridge Zoo would like to inform your school or organization that we provide offsite, educational programs, and Group Information activities.

We can bring animals to your school for educational talks and petting animals to school fairs and other special occasions for kids to feed and touch. We can bring animals ranging from as small as bunnies to as large as elephants.

Fallow Deer

How many people are required for group rate

Group Rates are available for groups of 15 or more, that are age 3 and greater

Do we have to schedule in advance

To qualify for Group Rates your group mustĀ have scheduled at least 10 days in advance and received verbal or electronic verification.

Do you schedule groups on or around holidays

No group will be scheduled for discounts on holidays, holiday weekends, or the day before and after such days.

What is the group rate price

Our Group Rate price is varies during certain seasons and for various group sizes. email or call (540) 291-2420 to receiveĀ pricing for your group.

How do I get my group schedule and verified

email or call (540) 291-2420