African Elephant Rides Loxodonta Africana

AFRICAN ELEPHANT (loxodonta africana) Habitat: Sub-Saharan Africa from semidesert to forest at different altitudes. Height: Up to 13 feet at shoulders for mature bull, 9 feet for cow. Weight: Up to 6 tons for mature bull, 4 tons for mature cows. Longevity: 45 to 50 years in wild. They can live up to 60 to 70 years under proper domestic conditions. Gestation: 22 to 24 months Diet: Herbivorous – leaves, grasses, bark and fruits

ts enormous ears serve as a remarkable cooling system for the body. Blood, in the large veins of the ears, is cooled by the flapping motion of the ears and is circulated throughout the body. Female elephants, such as our elephant friend, remain very stable for life and develop a strong attachment for their keepers, based on mutual trust and respect. Our resident elephant enjoys giving rides and participating in her educational programs. All her training has been with positive reinforcement (lots of nutritional treats) and she eagerly awaits each session.

African Elephant Rides

Look at the World from a different view point. African elephant rides an outstanding experience for the young and the young at heart. On this adventure ride you’re going to feel the gait of an elephant’s walk while appreciating a lofty perspective. We are one of the few zoos in the United States to offer an African elephant ride with an opportunity for hands-on interaction.

Let our African Elephant take you for a memorable stroll. Only $6 (six dollars) per person of ALL ages. No single person riders. Minimum of 2 persons per ride required.  Digital photograph print of your journey for only $10 extra, proceeds applied toward elephant enrichment.

Start March 26th, African Elephant Rides are held 12:00 – 3:00 pm weather permissible on Saturday and Sunday only.  However schedule can change due to weather (heat or rain).

Tentative African Elephant Rides Schedule


March 26th through May 22nd, 12 noon to 3:00 pm (Saturdays and Sundays only)

May 28th to September 5th, 12 noon to 3:00 pm (Everyday including 4th of July and Labor Day)

September 6th until December 4th (times vary, Saturdays and Sundays only)

PLEASE READ THIS AREA African Elephant Rides are held weather permitting (this includes rain and heat). Many days rides are held longer than the times above and directly relates to the number of visitors on that given day. Some days rides are held for shorter periods than the above times (or are held at alternate times), due to things such as heat, and sometimes by our request may require at least 2 persons riding at the same time on such days. There are other times and reasons that we may request at least 2 persons ride at the same time.

Can we do an Elephant Ride without paying admission to the zoo

African Elephant Rides are located within the zoo, so admission is required to do an Elephant Ride.

How do we get onto the Elephant

After ascending about 10 stairs to a platform, you are in a position around back level of the Elephant.

Can we take our own photograph

Sure, just have a friend or family member with you take the picture