Bongo Antelope
Tragelaphus Eurycerus

Bongo Antelope (tragelaphus eurycerus)

Habitat: Bongo Antelope are from Central and Western Africa

Height: 3.6 to 4.3 ft at shoulder

Weight: 330–520 lb

Gestation: 9 1/2 months

Longevity: Up to 19 years in captivity

The Bongo Antelope sports a bright auburn or chestnut coat, with the neck, chest and legs generally darker than the rest of the body. Coats of male Bongo Antelope become darker and buffy as they age until they reach a dark mahogany-brown colour. Coats of female Bongo Antelope are usually more brightly coloured than those of males.

Bongos have two heavy and slightly spiralled horns that slope over their back and like in many other antelope species, both the male and female bongos have horns. Bongos are the only Tragelaphids in which both sexes have horns.

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