Grants Zebra
Equus Burchelli Bohmi

GRANTS ZEBRA (equus burchelli bohmi)

Habitat: Grants Zebra live in Africa – southern Sudan and Ethiopia to northern Rhodesia

Height: 45 to 55 inches at shoulder

Weight: 450 to 550 pounds

Longevity: 8 to 12 years in the wild – 28 to 25 years in captivity

Gestation: 336 to 375 days

Diet: Primarily a grazer, grasses

Grants Zebra striped patterns are like our fingerprints, no two are alike. Grants Zebra live in small family groups consisting of several mares, their foals of the year, and a dominant stallion.  The Grants Zebra is non-territorial but constantly move to better feeding areas. Predators include lions, hyenas, and cape hunting dogs. Mares in a Grants Zebra family are usually unrelated and subject to definite pecking order. Young females are evicted from their family at about 18 months of age, when their mother gives birth again and must join other existing family groups or become attached to a young stallion who is building up his harem. Young mares mature at approximately 3 years, while stallions may take up to 5 years. The striped pattern supposedly confuses predators and makes it difficult to distinguish an individual zebra in a fleeing formation. The Natural Bridge Zoological Park has been raising Grant Zebra for over 30 years and has shipped over 50 zebra to other zoological parks.