Lama Glama

LLAMA (lama glama)

Habitat: Southern Peru through western Bolivia, northeast Argentina and northeast Chile

Height: 3 1/2 to 4 feet at the shoulder

Weight: 150 to 350 pounds

Gestation: 11 1/2 months

The Indians of Peru first domesticated the llama around 4000 years ago. The llama is extremely surefooted on mountain trails and can carry up to 100 pounds for a 20 mile trip. Llamas have become extremely popular as pets and pack animals in this country, as they are very quiet, gentle, odorless and easily kept with other stock. The are even kept with domestic sheep and goats as a guard against coyote and stray dog attacks. They are popular as 4-H projects for young children and come in a multitude of colors to please all owners. Misguided people, who have either teased or struck the llama to annoy it, perpetuate the erroneous belief that llamas will always spit on you. Spitting is the llama’s main means of defense and rarely used except to defend it. Llama wool is very poplar with weavers of textiles.