Miniature Donkey

equua africanus asinus

Miniature Donkey have stolen the hearts of pet lovers, gentlemen farmers, and small children. Miniature Donkey are bred in all colors from chocolate, red, white, gray, black and in the spotted form of all the colors. Miniature Donkey thrive easily on pastures and mix readily with other animals, goats, sheep ,llamas, cattle and small horses, etc. Although able to pull small cars and wagons, their main use is as lawnmowers for backyard hobbyists and companion pets for the person who desires something different in their lives. The Natural Bridge Zoo was instrumental in breeding the first spotted miniature donkeys and introducing them to the public over 30 years ago.

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The Natural Bridge Zoo has used them for our petting zoo area for over 30 years much to the delight of our visitors and school groups.

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Other Miniature Donkey facts

Conservation Status
Not Threatened
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    Habitat: Originally Sardinia, Sicily – now bred all over the United States and Canada as a family pet and equine companion.

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    Herbivorous – bark, fruits, grasses, and leaves.

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    Fun Fact

    The gentle disposition and trusting nature of these small equines have made than an animal lovers’ dream come true.