Puma, Cougar, Mountain Lion
Felis Concolor


Habitat: North and South America – Rocky Mountain states, desert ranges of Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. Costal ranges of California, Washington an Oregon. Extinct east of the Mississippi River, except for a small population in Florida.

Length: 6 to 8 feet

Weight – 80 to 200 pounds

Diet: Mountain Lion mainly eat deer, but also young elk and moose, mountain goats and sheep, turkey, beaver, peccary, and porcupine.

Gestation: approximately 95 days

Mountain Lion are the second largest of the New World cats, the jaguar being first. Mountain Lion have ben hunted to extinction in the Eastern States, under the misguided belief that all predators are evil. The Mountain Lion attempting to hold it’s own in the Western States. Only recently have we begun to realize the importance of this large and graceful cat.  Not only as a predator of rapidly expanding deer populations, but as a controlling factor on smaller predators. Mountain Lion are solitary, coming together for mating or in the case of a females with young. Their natural body coloration makes them difficult to see under natural conditions. Mountain Lion probably kill one deer per week, raking leaves and brush over the partially consumed carcass to hide it from other predators.