Pot Bellied Pig

VIETNAMESE POT BELLIED PIG sus scrofa domestica

Intelligent, clean, gentle, and easily house trained are all qualities that endear these little roly-poly pigs to pet lovers and backyard hobbyists. Pot-bellied pigs can be black, white, spotted and bluish gray. Pot Bellied Pig get along well with other animals and when treated gently, are wonderful pets for children. At the Natural Bridge Zoo, you will often see one of our little mother sows waddling around the zoo with her little piglets waiting to steal your feed and have their pictures taken.

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Height up to
Inches at shoulder

Weight up to


Other Pot Bellied Pig facts

Conservation Status
Not Threatened
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    Habitat: China, Vietnam. Gestation: 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days – 114 days to 125 days

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    Omnivores – dirt, eggs, frogs, grasses, and snakes.

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    Fun Fact

    Keith Connell of Canada first brought the Pot-bellied pigs into the United States in the early 1980s creating a pet pig craze that still exists.